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FLAC Player

With more and more people using FLAC files, FLAC players have grown in number. Using these players, you can play FLAC and other audio files too.

Total Video Player

This player allows you to play FLAC audio without the need for installing new codecs. The program offers support for numerous audio and video formats. You can play mpeg – 4, H.264, 3GP and flv.

The Total Video Player even supports arcane formats like nsv, ogm and flic. The program also recognizes the most popular audio formats like mp3, wav, wma and many more. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows 2003, XP and Vista. This free FLAC player is about 2.75 MB.


The iCoolPlayer player allows you to listen to FLAC, ofr, spx, tta, cda, midi, and mpc audio formats. It also supports wav, aiff, wma, aac, ac3, alac, ape, mac, mp3 and ogg. The supported video formats are mpg, wmv and flv.

The DSP effects include I3DL2 reverb, gargle, distortion, flanger, echo and waves reverb. Other features include treble enhancer, treble, true bass, pitch shift, phaser and Sound 3D.

There is an 11 band equalizer, support for fading in and out and a timer. The timer is for shutting down, hibernate, pause and other functions. This FLAC player needs Direct 9 or better to run.


This is a cross platform player that offers support for mpc, ape, wma, ogg, mp3, and FLAC. The player also offers support for crossfading to allow for smother playing. There is a 16 band dual channel equalizer and numerous options for playback.

There is also an SQL database and batch tagging. The playlist creation can be either dynamic or static. wxMusik also has support for Net streaming, icecast and shoutcast streams. You can write tags in ape, v1 and v2, id3v2 and other formats. Additional features include Random Auto DJ, loop playback and drag and drop features.


Aside from being a FLAC player, this player also supports mp3 and other popular music formats like mp3. It also lets you read the lyrics of the songs as it is being played. There are over a million lyrics available and you can add your own as well.

The player also has the Album Designer which lets you make digital music albums. The player also lets you connect to their site where you can broadcast your own radio station. You can also tune in to other radio stations. It also has a song finder and the playlist has numerous features to help customize it.

What FLAC is

The FLAC is a lossless audio format, meaning the quality of the audio doesn’t get degraded during the compression. The file can be made from compact discs, concerts and other audio file formats. FLAC means Free Lossless Audio Codec. It is free and not subject to patents or copyright.

These are just some of the FLAC players you can try out on the Web. You can use the feature descriptions above to help you decide what type of player you need.

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